Web Development

Rue de Net employs specialists in most of the areas required to develop software today, including Microsoft Visual Studio, SQL Server, C#, Web services, Web applications, Silverlight, ASP.NET, JavaScript, CSS, AJAX, WCF and WPF. The total experience of our consultants when it comes to developing software, excluding experience in developing solutions using Dynamics NAV, spans close to 35 years.

We have sold, installed, implemented, maintained and serviced small to large companies in the fields of finance and insurance, to the medical industry, oil industry, to large telecoms, retailers and software resellers. In addition we have sold our services to government bodies and many other industries.

Customers include the LMA (mobile handheld warehouse system), Bulgarian Telecommunication Company (handheld solutions integrated with NAV), Biocompatibles (various skin-health software solutions), Vordur (insurance application on the web), Sena (retail home-delivery system) and the Icelandic Parliament (the parliament’s presidents consolidated user interface).


For further information you should contact Alfred.