Software Testing

Rue de Net is the vendor of a testing and system health monitoring software called Tbox. Tbox is especially aimed at re-use of unit-tests, written by software developers, to test their software during the development-phase. These unit-tests are not used after deployment, but Tbox aims at re-use of these tests after deployment of the software. This can be accomplished to verify that the software is properly installed, configured and functioning. Tbox can be used stand-alone or in conjunction with other system-health suites, like Nagios.

Customers of Tbox are therefore developers that want to organize their unit-tests into suites that can be used more widely than only on the local developer machine. The software written by those developers then gets deployed to their customers; those customers also become Tbox customers as they want to re-use the tests written during the development-phase.

Tbox can test most indicators of health when it comes to Servers, Disks, Memory, Network resources, Web services, Web applications, Windows services and more. In addition, and the main purpose of purchasing Tbox is how simple it is to integrate developers unit-tests into the Tbox test projects.

Rue de Net employs specialists in testing and monitoring, and is offering their experience to customers. In addition to setting up system-health monitoring and writing Tbox tests, Rue de Net testers are experts in TestComplete. TestComplete is an automated testing tool that allows testers to create, manage and run tests for any Windows, Web or Rich Client software. This means that if you have a piece of software that you need to be tested or monitored, Rue de Net is your partner.


For further information you should contact Thorbjorn, Alfred, Richard or Viktor.