Integration Development

Rue de Net is the vendor of an integration platform for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, called NETConductor, and the supplemental security product, called NETAuthenticator. These products have to do with integration of Microsoft Dynamics NAV with other data consuming and providing systems.

We have sold, installed, implemented, maintained and serviced small to large companies with our integration products. Our services have been applied in the fields of finance, freight, insurance, to the medical industry, oil industry, to telecoms, retailers and software resellers. In addition we have serviced government bodies and many other industries.

The projects we have been involved with range from small, single web service setups, to large centralized global integration systems. Included in those are large external warehouse system integration projects, integration with banks, collection companies and credit card companies. Building complementing business software like handheld solutions, web-based e-commerce system and extending customer NAV solutions to a new external user base, using web applications.

Projects include work for Hagar (centralized Dynamics NAV integration), Hataekni (e-commerce web integration), Vordur (insurance selling web application), the Icelandic Parliament (presidents management console), Theriak (medicine management system), Sykehusapotekene (pharmacy system), Olis (e-commerce integration) and Biocompatibles (quality assurance work).


For further information you should contact Alfred or Sveinn.