Partners to provide service and .NET capabilities to Dynamics NAV user

Our partners are at the core of our business. United to provide excellent service and .NET capabilities to every Dynamics NAV user, our partners are mainly Dynamics NAV or .NET Solution Centers, using the NETConductor to deliver sophisticated applications to every sector. Join us today by signing up with the Rue de Net partner program.

If you are a Dynamics NAV Solution Center, becoming a Rue de Net partner will provide you with the tools to .NET enable all of your Dynamics NAV applications. This will provide your customers with a new open interface to their business solutions. And then integration of your Dynamics NAV application into the customers environment of web applications and handhelds becomes possible.

If you are a .NET Solution Center developing applications for customers with Dynamics NAV installed, your customer can build on existing investment in systems, by installing NETConductor. This will also give you a very familiar interface to Dynamics NAV.

We strive to empower you with tools needed to remain resilient in a highly competitive market. Using those tools, our partners are building all sorts of solutions for their customers.

Feel free to be in touch with our existing partners: