Microsoft Dynamics NAV Hosting

Rue de Net is offering a new option to companies interested in integrating Microsoft Dynamics NAV into their business. Instead of buying the on-premise version of Dynamics NAV, companies can "rent" an online access to Microsoft Dynamics NAV from Rue de Net for a reduced cost.

The online version has the same flexibility and features as the on-premise version but has a much lower base cost and the cost of the software becomes more transparent. The Dynamics NAV hosting option also eliminates the need for IT personnel and servers, which would otherwise be needed to host and service the on-premise version of Dynamics NAV.

The Dynamics NAV hosting option is a very efficient way for small to mid-sized companies to integrate Dynamics NAV into their business as the base cost is reduced and risk is minimized as the Dynamics NAV hosting option is paid on a month-to-month basis and can be terminated when requested. This also enables customers to have complete control over the customization of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV system, including the number of user licenses, which allows the customer to streamline the way Microsoft Dynamics NAV plays a role in the business and rapidly adapt to changes in the business.

Our hosting in secured and managed datacenters combined with around-the-clock support allows for a safe and accessible storage of your business data.


For further information you should contact Sveinn or Bjarni.