Downloads for NETConductor, Tbox and Otto the hourly dog

  • NETConductor

    The NETConductor provides the ability to fully utilize the Dynamics NAV business logic embedded in the various applications and seamlessly request and pass information to and from Dynamics NAV.

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  • Otto

    Otto is an application that helps you maintain and analyze your hours on the job. It provides you with a calendar-type representation of your job journal and enables analysis of the hours using graphical views. Otto is always running in the background and is only one keystroke away. Using Otto, managers can easily review the efficiency of employees under their supervision. Otto can run as a standalone application with exporting of its data into Excel when needed. It can also run in a client/server environment with online synchronization in place.

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  • Tbox

    Tbox enables you to monitor your computer systems and notifies you if any of them fail. Test scenarios can be created in a fast and easy manner using the intuitive Tbox User Interface. Specific tests can be tailored to your systems, allowing you to manage and perform all your tests in one place.

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