Consultants in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, web services & other technology

Rue de Net specializes in professional, personal and honest consultancy in relations to Microsoft Dynamics NAV and complementary technology and software like .NET, web services, web shops, integration tools, web applications, executive information panels and other user interfaces. 

  • Adalsteinn Valdimarsson, Chairman of the board

    Adalsteinn is an engineer from the University of Iceland and has an MBA degree from IMD in Switzerland. During his past lives Adalsteinn has founded the largest Microsoft Dynamics NAV partner in Iceland and been involved with many others around the world ...More


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  • Alfred B. Thordarson, CEO and Software Consultant

    Alfred is an engineer from University of Iceland and also has a master’s degree in engineering from UCI in California. This is a guy who is good to bring all sorts of problems to, because he knows almost anything. He is the brain behind the NETConductor ...More


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  • Bjarni Thor Bjarnason, Senior Software Consultant

    Bjarni is a computer scientist from the Skövde in Sweden and recently added an MBA degree from Reykjavik University. During his past lives Bjarni has worked for the largest Microsoft Dynamics NAV customers in Iceland and managed numerous projects at home and abroad ...More


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  • Bjorn Agust Bjornsson, CEO Luxembourg

    Bjorn Agust is a computer scientist from the University of Reykjavik. Because he grew an unhealthy enthusiasm for business early on, he sought out courses from the university business school alongside his studies in computer science ...More


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  • Gudrun Olafsdottir, Software Consultant

    Gudrun is a Software Engineer student at the University of Iceland. She just finished her first year with an outstanding grade point average of over 90%. She will be working at Rue de Net over the summer of 2012. Her passion for software started early with her searching out software courses ...More


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  • Karl Valdimar Kristinsson, Software Consultant

    Karl Valdimar has a M.Sc. degree in Software Engineering from the Reykjavik University. He has completed a B.Sc. degree in Health Engineering for the obvious reason that Karl Valdimar is a bit obsessed with health. He likes to think outside the box ...More


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  • Karolina Osp Palsdottir

    Karolina is a master in International Business from the Bifrost University and has a B.Sc. degree in Business from the University of ReykjavikShe is all business.

    Karolina has extensive experience in managing and in retail ...More


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  • Kristin Asgeirsdottir, Software Consultant

    Kristin graduated with a B.Sc. degree in Software Engineering from the University of Reykjavik.

    Alongside her studies, Kristin worked as an accountant in one of Iceland's leading hardware and home improvement chains ...More


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  • Petur Bjarni Petursson, Software Consultant

    Petur Bjarni is a computer scientist from the University of Iceland. Even though he was both TA-ing and working for his professor as a programmer and researcher on the CRISIS project, he still managed to graduate with a first class degree and a grade point average of over 80% ...More


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  • Richard Otto O'Brien, Software Consultant

    Richard is a computer scientist from the Reykjavik University. He used to live in Germany for a large chunk of his life and has his high school degree from there. He then came back to Iceland, his homeland, to finish college. Ever since he’s been back ...More


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  • Steinar Sigurdsson, Software consultant

    Steinar has an M.Sc. degree in Strategic IT Management from Stockholm University and B.Sc. in Business Administration from the University of Iceland. Between degrees Steinar worked as an IT manager for Icelandic Mountain Guides as well as a mountain guide on Iceland's stunning mountains and glaciers ...More


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  • Sveinn Arngrimsson, CFO and Software Consultant

    Sveinn is a computer scientist from the University of Iceland that has also studied in Germany. During his past lives Sveinn has worked with ERP systems including Concorde as well as Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Today his emphasis is on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV LS Retail ...More


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  • Thora Katrin Gunnarsdottir, Assistant to CEO

    Thora Katrin is a master in Marketing and International Business from the University of Iceland and a B.A. degree in Comparative Literature from same school. She has extensive experience in various services, marketing and consulting roles ...More


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  • Thordur Pall Fjalarsson, Software Consultant

    Thordur just finished his second year in Software Engineering and his second year in Applied Mathematics at the University of Iceland. He will be graduating next spring and is here at Rue de Net for the summer. Thordur does not settle for any less than...more. 


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  • Viktor Einarsson, Software Consultant

    Viktor is a computer scientist from the Reykjavik University. Viktor is obviously the smartest as he was awarded the Presidential Scholarship at the university, which is a great honor. During his time with Rue de Net, Viktor has been involved in projects ...More


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