Thorbjorn Trausti Njalsson 

CEO at Rue de Net UK and Software Consultant

Thorbjorn is a computer scientist from the Reykjavik University. Ever since graduation he has been building software products, ranging from finance applications to skin imaging solutions for dermatologists. Thorbjorn is a very cool, patient and systematic cat, that plans his every move way before making it. He has been conducting business in Cambridge for the last 6 years and is therefore ideal when it comes to starting our UK operations. His job will require quite a lot of travelling; so it was a good investment when his wife got a degree in travel and tourism. When he was younger, Thorbjorn used to be pretty good at basketball, at least that's what he tells us, but every practice now results in limping and therapy. His age is probably catching up with him, even though he may not admit it, resulting in golfing replacing basketball practice.


Managing Engineers, Software Engineering, Windows Development, Drivers and Testing projects.


12 years of project and people management experience
10 years of product development and packaging for international market
6 years of management of distributed engineering efforts
Development of medical device/software, including regulatory requirements
Presenter of technical issues at different conventions in Iceland and abroad

Sample products delivered to market

Giza – Integrated, distributed development environment for all three tiers of java development.
SIAscope – Handheld device allowing visualization of skin components up to 2mm underneath the surface.
Non-contanc SIAscopy – Visualization of skin components using ‘off the shelf’ cameras.
Dermetrics / MoleView – Diagnostic aid for dermatologists.
MoleMate – Diagnostic aid for general practitioners, targeting skin cancer.
Cosmetrics / SIAMETRICS - Cosmetic formulation clinical trial management tools.
Beau Visage – Aesthetic medicine product to assess the health of a person’s facial skin.
Physiometrics - Aesthetic medicine product for body mapping and tracking changes in shape over time.
SIMSYS – Image management tool for Dermatologists.


Systems Analyst, Reykjavik University, Iceland

PRINCE2 Foundation Certification, APM Group, UK

Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step Certification

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