Sveinn Arngrimsson

CFO at Rue de Net Reykjavik and Software Consultant

Sveinn is a computer scientist from the University of Iceland that has also studied in Germany. During his past lives Sveinn has worked with ERP systems including Concorde as well as Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Today his emphasis is on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV LS Retail system. He knows all there is to know about retail systems and enjoys discussing their pros and cons amongst good friends. He is someone who does nothing without thinking carefully about it first and he enjoys analyzing both small and large projects. Why would anyone select to watch Formula One with the German language selected? Sveinn does that. For the last year, he has been working his mesomorphic physique, does CrossFit a few times every week and even participated in the qualification competition for the world CrossFit Games of 2010. Nice!


Dynamics NAV, LS Retail and Retail ERP.


15 years as a senior Dynamics NAV consultant. Customers include Hagar and Theriak.


Computer Science, Universität Karlsruhe, Germany
B. Sc. Computer Science, University of Iceland, Iceland

Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step 

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