Our Mission

Rue de Net mission can be stated in the following way

Become the leading provider of Business Software,
integrating with major ERP systems, like Microsoft Dynamics

In order to accomplish our mission 1) we specialize in the latest technology, 2) we provide the NETConductor integration platform, 3) we deliver business software based on the latest technology and 4) we partner up with other software and consultancy companies that have the specialization we require.

Our Specialisation

Rue de Net specializes in professional, personal and honest consultancy in relations to Microsoft Dynamics NAV and complementary technology and software.

Our expertise includes .NET, web services, web shops, integration tools, web applications, executive information panels and other graphical user interfaces.

With our dedication and almost a century of experience we are the team to tackle your problem.

Our Products

We develop, service and/or market the Microsoft Dynamics NAV, NETConductor, NETAuthenticator, Otto and the Tbox products. First in the list is Dynamics NAV, which is the well-known ERP system from Microsoft.

NETConductor is our integration platform for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and NETAuthenticator is the NAV add-on used to control user authorization when a whole new set of users starts using external business software integrated with Dynamics NAV. Otto is a business software that employees and managers use to maintain and analyse their hours on the job.

Finally, we have our Tbox product that monitors computer systems, web services and business components and processes. Upon any system failure it will notify administrators before it’s too late to react. For this purpose, it can reuse unit-test and testing-suites created by developers upon development of the business software. 

Our Partners

Our Rue de Net partners around the world are at the core of our business as they resell and tailor our products to their customers' needs. If you are a Dynamics NAV Solution Center, becoming a Rue de Net partner will provide you with the tools to .NET enable all of your Dynamics NAV applications. Also, if you are a .NET Solution Center developing applications for Dynamics NAV customers, then your customer can build on existing investment in their systems, by installing NETConductor for you to integrate with them.