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This page contains the different downloads available for the NETConductor. This section contains release notes for the newest version of the NETConductor, change log, installers, documentation, samples, tools and all combined in a compressed file.

A demo license is available for a 1 month trial from our Trial page.

Downloadables for NAV 2013R2 ! --- BETA ONLY ---

NETConductor version 7.0.0 BETA - Installers - for NAV 2013R2

Windows installers (zip)

NETConductor version 7.0.0 - Additionals - for NAV 2013R2

Downloadables for NAV 2009 and older versions of NAV !

NETConductor version 4.1.2 - Installers

Windows installers (zip)

NETConductor version 4.1.2 - Additionals